Dirextra Business School

Dirextra Construction Infrastructure and Oil & Gas Engineering School

Dirextra Business School is a UK training provider, founded in 2003, specifically oriented towards the International Construction Infrastructure Engineering and Oila & Gas Sectors.

It is aimed at those who, after their degree or during their professional careers, intend to undertake an in – depth study of General Contracting for Large Works, Construction Infrastructure, Engineering, Piping, Drilling and Oil & Gas Sector.

“Building Construction Leaders of the Future” is Dirextra’s mission statement which embodies the Group’s vision for the infrastructure industry.

Dirextra has more than 2300 Alunmi Engineers who have worked on the construction of major infrastructure around the world. Dirextra Alunmi Engineers have built, are building and will build the most important infrastructure projects on the planet.

There is no growth without Engineers. 

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